Little Ninja Birthday Party

Participants can experience a series of fast paced and fun martial arts based activities and organized games.  The participant will also get to use padded martial arts weapons and will learn how to demonstrate their power by practicing on re-breakable boards.  The birthday child will break an actual wood board!  (Maximum of 12 participants) Additional participants $15.00 per person.



Nerf Birthday Party

Bring your own Nerf gun or use ours!  We supply the Nerf darts!

Young Masters with be transformed into a ‘battlefield’ filled with obstacles, barricades and forts!  Participants will experience games like, Capture the flag, shoot out at the OK Corral, Hold the Fort and even a ‘Zombie Apocalypse.” (Maximum 30 participants)



Challenger Party

Let us design a creative and fun party for you. Games that can include: Nerf soccer, Nerf Volley Ball,

 Tug of war, Karate themed events including Board Breaking, FoamSwords, learn Basic Karate techniques,

Team and Individual Fitness and Strength Challenges.


Answer these few questions and we will get back to you!