Young Masters
Martial Arts Studio

Our Curriculum Develops

• Confidence​ • Self-Disipline • Respect • Coordination  •Courtesy • Strength • Flexibility • Focus • Fitness • Self-Control 

A Typical Class At Young Masters Martial Arts Includes Stretching And Warm Up Exercises, Training On Basic Hand And Foot Techniques, Teaching And Practice Of Multistep Forms, Choreographed One-Step And Three Step Movements With A Partner, Self Defense Training, And Free Sparring 

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Self Defense Moves

Kicks and Rolls

Little Ninjas Classes

Classes for ages 3-6


Give your child a fast start on life!
The Little Ninjas program is specifically designed for children aged 3 to 6, one of the most critical ages for your child’s development and future achievement! 
The curriculum focuses not on kicking and punching, but of developing eight ‘life skills’:  Focus, Teamwork, Balance, Self-control, Memory, Fitness, Discipline, and Coordination. 
These mental and motor skills are critical to your child’s success in mastering future challenges. We use a concept known as “Edutainment’ to teach these eight life skills that make the classes challenging, fun and exciting for the child.  Each class features a variety of high energy drills, games and activities to teach these lessons.
Your child will see an improvement in increased attention spans, listening and concentration skills, respect for self and others, self-confidence and self-esteem, hand and eye coordination, greater overall fitness and the development of a positive, enthusiastic attitude.




Review Lindsey P. on Sunday March 1, 2020

 Thank you so much guys! You were easy to work with and helped throw the PERFECT Nerf battle party for   my son!
I completely recommend this place! We just did a Nerf  battle party here and these guys were great! The place is right in  Woodstock town square. Easy parking. They were very accommodating and  offered help every step of the way. What could easily become a chaos of  foam Bullets flying everywhere and tears flowing, was a perfectly held  Nerf party. Organized games that the kids enjoyed flowed easily. They  handled our bunch of boys with ease! I think my favorite was the lights  out battle! Great job and thank you again for making our sons Nerf  dreams come true! 

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We hold the best Nerf Parties and offer Martial Arts and Little Ninjas Classes for ages 3 and up